Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guess who got her master's degree???

 MY MOM!!!!
Yes, my mom graduated this past weekend with a M.A in Intercultural Studies from Fuller. 
It was a pretty cool thing to witness.

Is she adorable or what?!

Somebody was excited to get her diploma. Lean with it...pop with it..

After hours of this, snacking and napping, it was FINALLY over and time to partaaaaaay!!

Pure joy

My mama and her friends.  This lady has more friends than I do!!!

 The next big celebration will be when little baby Carrier is born!!!! CANNOT WAIT.

 We have the Carriers...
 then the Parks...
So typical.
My mom beat me by a few months but I am right behind her!!!!
This is our Masters pictures. I technically am not done yet but will be in December, then we will be the Masters of the family muahhahaha

 I am so proud of you mama!!! <3 br="">

Saturday, December 8, 2012

"celebrating everything we are thankful for"

This year, Thanksgiving was very different than the last. My sister and bro hosted thanksgiving at their house, la mansion.  We have started a new tradition and we get together the night before to watch The Proposal, eat, drink and be merry. Then we wake up the next morning and feast all day.  Now that my sisters are married and we all moved out of the house I really missing living in the same house and just being around each other all day, sleep, wake up and do it all over again. "Living" in the same house for the night was so much fun! Head on over to the sister's blog to see more on how we celebrated Thanksgiving!

 I've fallen in love with videos because I feel like I can relive these moments years down the line. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flat Jenny goes up north

I don't actually remember the Flat Stanley lesson from when I was little but I have seen my fair share of Flat Stanley in my life time from my coworker's kids, friends or clients.

My friend and I had planned a trip to visit another friend up north in SF. With a wedding I had to attend that same weekend, Christine went with Flat Jenny instead.

 Not quite sure what I'm doing on a pole...?

 I even got dressed for the occasion and had a glass of wine.
Good food, great company, Flat Jenny is ready for bed!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Boyz II Men to celebrating 33...not my 33rd!!

School has been CRAY! I am barely surviving and running off of very little sleep. But life is still good.
My friend Winnie had an extra ticket to Boyz II Men, so guess who got to go see them???!!!
I saw them years ago during college in Sacramento at the State Fair and they were uhhmazing. and the last time I was at the LA Fair was a couple years ago  and I saw Lynard Skynard...this time around was a...very different crowd.

 And look who I found??? YUP the PARKS

After a long week, schooners were needed on Friday.

On Saturday we celebrated my little big sister's 33rd birthday!

Sunday I accompanied this lady to a wedding at Sherwood Country Club. It was beautiful!! Annie and I already have our houses picked out there.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm back

Unlike my diligent blogger sister, I stopped blogging about Korea after Day 1. my bad. But she did such a thorough job so I didn't feel the need to :) But if you are really curious about what we ate and how much fun we had, take a lookie over here.

Since I've been back, it has been go, go, go!! I refused to be jetlagged so I had made all sorts of plans during the day (so I would avoid napping) and wee hours of the night (so I would sleep later and hopefully not wake up at 4am). We got back on Tuesday night and the fun just never stopped.

Wednesday: Morning beach walk from Newport Beach pier to Balboa Pier and back.

Thursday: Dripping Cave hike in aliso Viejo

 Friday: Had to squeeze in some time to catch up on school work before heading to the Angles games (let me make it clear that I'd rather have been at a Dodger's game). It was my first visit to the shanzy Cerritos Library.

Saturday: Head to Terranea to celebrate my BIL's birthday& L.A to celebrate Janjan's birthday

There is more fun to be had.