Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Breakfast birthday bash!!

Soul turns 1!! and it was the cutest little birthday party. The Bratchers always know how to throw a perfect party...and perfect it was.

They had potatoes, eggs, maple sausage, a cereal bar, and a pancake bar!

Yummy toppings
and every kind of syrup you could think of in little vintage containers

Mama and her birthday girl

I love these lights strung in their backyard and the black and white umbrella is so fitting

Birthday girl and Auntie Linda

Pancake lady hard at work :) with a little practice she was making some delicious pancakes
Brave LOVED the pancakes and had FOUR!! she had 2 full plates of eggs and sausage too..she is an eater!! I wasn't sure if Brave was allowed to have so much so I was constantly asking Ben or Ruby if it was ok.

Soul is so looooooooved!

Just like at Brave's 1st birthday party I had more pictures of True. This time around for Soul's 1st birthday party I seem to have more pictures of little Bravery..but isn't she so cute?!